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Richard Jackson is a name that is being discussed more an more in gardening circles due to the high quality products that he makes.

Over the last 16 years, the brand has went from strength to strength, which is no surprise given the quality of the results that can be obtained.

Ease Of Use

This is one of the easiest lawn feeds I’ve used in a long time, although as with any feed there are some things that should be considered. When it is applied in hot weather,  needs to be applied when it’s not too hot (but also above 5°C). Ideally, it’ll be applied in early morning or late evening and also the grass will be watered first just before applying Lawn Magic during hot weather.

I like to use a watering can with a rose on it when applying it to the grass. The dilution rate is 4.5 litres of water and in that you should add 100ml of Lawn Magic and stir until mixed together. This dilution ratio will give you coverage of 10 square metres. At that dilution rate for the 5 litre container, it will give you 500 square metres of coverage.

Due to the way it works, it also does not need to be applied frequently. Once per month is more than enough.


The results are impressive for what is an extremely modestly priced lawn feed. I have used lawn feeds in the past which are twice as expensive and does not perform half as well as Lawn Magic has.

In particular, I used this on a colleagues garden which had been severely neglected. I’m glad to say that the grass was lush and green. Not only that, but it also made the roots of the grass stronger, and the blades were also stronger as a result of this.

The benefit of this is that in the winter months, the grass will have more strength to it. This is especially important at a time when the nutrients can be somewhat lacking.

I had also tried it on a friends property who have neglected their lawn. It did remarkably well. After the first application, we were able to see it really doing a great job at reviving the grass. It was on the second application though that it really came into it’s own. You would never have known that the grass had been so badly neglected for so long. It honestly looked as though a professional had been to treat the grass.

This ticks all the boxes for any lawn feed. The appearance of the grass can make or break the overall look of the garden. When it’s the front garden, it’s even more important to make sure it looks as good as it can possibly be. Below, you’ll find before and after photos. The top photo was taken before the Lawn Magic was applied. The second photo was taken 7 days after the lawn feed was applied.

As you can see, it has worked extremely quickly and it is making the grass a lot greener. More importantly, the grass feels thicker and stronger.

Lawn before using Richard Jackson Lawn Magic feed
Lawn after using Richard Jackson Lawn Magic feed

Value For Money

As mentioned above, it’s extremely well priced with it being around the £30 mark. The 5 litre version gives you enough to cover 500 square metres of grass. Considering that an average sized garden is roughly 60 square metres, this would give you 8 applications.

Now, since it’s recommended that it is applied every 4-5 weeks from the period of March to September, one 5 litre container would be enough to see you through one year of use.

This, when coupled with the fact that this provides professional looking results is nothing short of exceptional. I have got no doubt if you paid a professional gardener to come once a month to carry out the same treatment, it would be at least £40 per visit from that. To that end, (presuming you got 8 applications out of it), you would be spending £320 for 8 visits as opposed to the rough price of £30 for you to do it yourself. It would take nearly ten years of doing it yourself to compare to one year of having a professional carry out the same task.

The important thing though is that you don’t need to use a professional to do the job, it’s a simple mix and pour on. There is nothing complicated about this procedure at all.

In that respect, it is a highly economical product. It is also the case that you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Your lawn deserves the best, and Lawn Magic is definitely the product your lawn needs.

Richard Jackson Flower Power Premium Lawn Magic, Covers 500m, Lawn Feed for Gardens, Greens the Grass & Strengthens the Roots (5L)
  • FOR A GREEN, HEALTHY LOOKING LAWN: To grow beautiful, luscious-looking greener grass that’s stronger, healthier and more resilient for pets, children and day to day use

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  • Ease of Use
  • Results
  • Value For Money


Richard Jackson Flower Power Premium Lawn Magic is an exceptionally great product. It’s so easy to use and makes your grass look amazing



Powerful formula

Very easy to use

Brilliant value for money