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Bosch are well known for a variety of different tools and products, and in this review I’ll be looking to see how well the Rotak 34 R performs.

This has been available for years now and I have tested this over an 18 month period to assess how well it suits my needs, and what I like and don’t like about the product.

Build Quality

Pretty much all of the lawn mower (apart from the blade and motor) is made from plastic. This isn’t unusual at all for an electric lawn mower. Despite this, it feels very well built and just the right weight as well so that you can manoeuvre it around your garden.

One thing that others have pointed out is that the grass collection box feels a bit flimsy. I would say that out of all of the components on the Rotak 34 R, the collection box does feel like the weakest link. Having said that, during the 18 months of testing, my collection box has remained intact and I’ve never had issues with it popping off the lawn mower like other users have.


The 34 R has a strong motor, rated at 1300 watts. This, in addition to the 34cm cutting blade means that you will get a great cut each time, and you don’t need to spend time going over previously cut sections to get the perfect cut. Its long length cuts back on the overall cutting time which I really like.

I also liked that a roller has been installed onto the lawn mower. I appreciate that not everyone likes stripes on their lawn, but it’s something I am in favour of. The roller on the 34 R produces great lawn stripes that actually rivals those made with more expensive lawn mowers.

For those with larger gardens, this can take a while to cut the grass. However, the grass collection box can hold 40 litres of cut grass in it. Even when completely full, I never found the lawn mower to be excessively heavy. 40 litres of storage on a lawn mower at this price point is normally unheard of, so it’s a great addition from Bosch on this one.

I also really liked the combs on the sides of the lawn mower. The benefit of this is that allows me to get right up to my fence to get a nice cut, without having to resort to using a strimmer on this section. Again, this is saving time for me when I’m doing the weekly (and in high summer, bi weekly) cut.

Ideally there would have been more cutting heights than those on offer with this model, but that’s just personal preference. It’s very easy to move the ride height of the lawn mower up and down, and I never had any issues with it dropping down on its own accord.

There is also a double folding handle on the 34 R for those that are short of space. Personally, I don’t like folding the handles down after each use as I feel that this could be a point of failure, but during the testing of folding it down after every other cut, I didn’t notice any weakening of the handles.

If you’re tight on space, it doesn’t take much room when fully folded, so that’s another plus point for it.

Given that the motor is rated at 1300 watts, I actually expected this to be quite loud, but was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t sound like a jet engine taking off. It still can bang out a bit of noise, but it’s a lot quieter than other lawn mowers on the market at a similar size which is another tick in the pro box.


As touched on above, I’m really happy with the quality of the cut I’ve had when using the 34 R. The grass always looks as though it has been cut by a professional with a lawn mower several times the price of this one, which is very impressive. Coupled with the fact that it can cut the grass fairly quickly, I’m even more impressed with the results.

During the 18 months of use, I’ve also noticed that the blade has not started to go blunt. Normally when a blade is blunt, it will cause split ends on the grass.

It should be noted though that the longevity of the blade will depend on the thickness of the grass, as well as how frequently it is cut.

Giving a light cut frequently will put much less stress on the grass and the blade when compared to a large cut every month. When leaving large gaps between the cuts, it will also put more pressure on the motor as well, which can impact the quality of the cut you will get.

By maintaining the grass at a decent height, you’ll get lovely stripes on the lawn, and if coupled with a high quality feed, should make your garden look pristine.

Value For Money

At the time of writing, the Bosch Rotak 34 R is coming in at just under £100. When I bought it 18 months ago it was £115, so the price has decreased, although in the height of the summer, this could potentially go back up in price as demand increases.

This is a great quality lawn mower at a very modest price point. If you want great results without breaking the bank, this is the lawn mower for you.

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  • Features
  • Results Obtained
  • Value for Money


Bosch have a brilliant, cost effective lawn mower with the Rotak 34 R. It’s great for small to medium sized gardens and will leave a great finish on your lawn.



Cuts the grass very well

Roller makes great stripes

Decent cutting width to cut down on time

Excellent value for money


A few more height adjustments would be nice

Some users haven’t been overly impressed with the grass collection box.