Last Updated on October 15, 2023 by Stewart

Hello, and thanks for dropping by this page.

Our House Is Our Home is written by one person, me. I’m Stewart and a big passion of mine is making a house feel as hospitable as possible. I started Our House Is Our Home after being unhappy with the sites online that were giving reviews for household items.

More often than not, I was reading the same blurb in the reviews. It was clear to me that the “reviewers” were just lifting products descriptions from sites such as Amazon etc. To me, this wasn’t helping the reader at all and was just a way for those sites to earn a quick buck.

Due to this, I decided to start looking at the products I have in my house, how I use them and what I thought of them. I love writing about a whole manner of different topics, so it just felt natural to me to create this site to really help out others decide upon what they should and shouldn’t buy.

I will never write a review or best of article on a product unless I have spent a considerable amount of time testing it. I will always give my feedback into what makes it a must buy which I feel is important to you.

I really hope that you enjoy your time on this site and you find the information within it useful.